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You Need a DUI Lawyer On Your Side Now​

DUI or driving under the influence is a serious offense in Windsor, ON, Canada. If you are pulled over and are being accused of driving under the influence, now is the time to remain silent and not worsen your situation. Presently, the legal driving alcohol limit is 80 mgs. If your breathing (blow) test in the field shows you are over this limit, the administering officer has the right to transport you to the police station for an extensive intoxilyzer or breathalyzer test to ascertain an accurate reading of your blood alcohol amount.


You have the right to contact a DUI lawyer prior to taking an intoxilyzer or breathalyzer test, and we recommend you put that right into practice and contact us at The Legal Solution Professional Corporation. We will make sure you have a voice and your rights are properly honored in order to achieve the most favorable outcome possible in the situation.

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