Criminal Defense Lawyer

Criminal Defense Lawyer, Your Best Bet at Restoring Your Life


As a resident of Windsor, ON, Canada, who finds yourself facing a criminal charge, a criminal defense lawyer is your best bet at restoring your life and undoing the wrong that either you have committed and need help facing or are being falsely accused of committing. Our legal professionals will fight tirelessly on your behalf, no matter if your criminal charge is a result of driving under the influence or even assault. The Legal Solution Professional Corporation knows how to command a courtroom and cross-examine witnesses to ensure the truth is revealed and justice prevails.


Due to our comprehensive knowledge of evidentiary and legal procedures, we can properly defend you, no matter the circumstances you currently face, even if you are guilty. Don’t wait to contact us, though as time vitally important in legal matters such as criminal offenses. Contact us as soon as you are charged, so we can begin working on your behalf.