Dui Attorney

Call Your DUI Attorney, Know Your Rights


Though a DUI charge might not be a violent conviction, due to the severity of the penalties relating to DUI convictions in Windsor, ON, Canada, it is still a serious offense. When charged with a Driving Under the Influence charge or DUI, you can be faced with fines, ignition interlocks, a suspension of your driver’s license or even jail time. Thankfully, by contacting a DUI attorney at The Legal Solution Professional Corporation, you know your rights will be honored and legally upheld.


Our professionals have devoted their careers to providing those facing drinking and driving offenses or even impaired driving charges with the highly skilled legal representation they deserve. We will do the same for you. Contact us immediately if you are arrested for a DUI, or driving with a blood alcohol level over 80. We are ready to guide you through the legal process and obtain the best outcome possible as it relates to your individual situation.