Dwi Attorney

Impaired Driving Requires a Personal DWI Attorney is Your Best Friend


A DWI charge or driving while under the influence offense is a serious charge in Windsor. This is of course even more so when your impaired driving leads to an accident that hurt or even killed another person. Thankfully, a representative from our team of legal professionals will serve as your personal DWI attorney and work to defend you in a court of law. There are many legal ways to argue such charges in court and have them reduced or even overturned. It’s vitally important for you to contact us as soon as possible, though, in order for our team to begin constructing the best defense for your individual case.


Remember, you can face a DWI charge for various reasons, not just consuming alcohol. It can be any substance that impaired your ability to safely operate your motor vehicle, including but not limited to drugs or alcohol. Contact us today to learn more.